Frisk Determination is From The animation *Determination.They Are originally from Undertale by Toby Fox and are inspired by Camila Cuevas‘ Glitchtale Frisk.

The were born to the DETRMINATION parents : Lilith Determination and Alexander Determination.They already had a son named Chara.(Note they have genders in the series).

Frisk was born traitless meaning having an empty SOUL which will break in a day.Chara Determination had to give some of their SOUL trait which ended up courppting them both with HATE.

Due to having a traitless SOUL at first,HATE would be courppting them and their powers wouldn’t be seen until they got out the underground.Frisk’s older brother Chara had died due to getting corrupted by HATE and giving some of their SOUL trait to Frisk.Chara didn’t have much time to do anything so they fell down and ended himself.After hearing the news,Frisk climbed the mountain and landed on her brother's grave.But the HATE started making Frisk do the GENOSIDE path.Her brother told her to stop but HATE took over both their SOULs every time they wanted to stop.When they got to the end Chara was fully courppted by HATE and LOVE.He told Frisk to become his partner and ERASE the world.They did so but Chara knew what he was doing.He asked Frisk if she could do PACIFIST but HATE still wanted something…a DETRMINATION SOUL.